Friday, August 28, 2009


Noah is DIAPER FREE! We started potty training two weeks ago and he has been accident free for over a week. We bought the DVD Potty Power off of Amazon (so cheesy) and he loved it! After watching the DVD it took him about two days to be fully trained at home and then a few more days to be fully trained at school. His confidence has soared and he loves going to the potty all by himself. I will often find him in the bathroom on the toilet... he doesn't even tell me when he has to do his business sometimes :) Haha. 
So we celebrated this major milestone with a party. He chose a Thomas the Train party. Yay Noah!


Brittany said...

Yeah! Go Noah! Is that the underwear we bought him? He is stinkin' cute, none the less!

Milla & her mommy said...

It was nice to meet you at Uncle Julios tonight. I was so surprised to see your little boys, my first thought was "what class are they in with Milla" and then I thought now it's Double Stroller Diaries and I started looking for your daughter and then I knew it was you! Keep blogging! Isn't it great to know people are reading?

ShaRhonda said...

What a neat idea! Love your creativity!

Casey said...

How cute is this! What a brilliant idea! Way to go Noah