Thursday, October 1, 2009

rock & roll

Life with three is BUSY... and I mean BUSY! Along with domesticating my children, I have been working full time hours on my photography business as well. Add that all up and you will see why I have neglected my blog lately! I promise to get better... well maybe after the craziness of holiday photo sessions :)

But for now, here is glimpse of my precious 4 1/2 month old baby girl. My baby always wants to be held... which I happily consent to. But that means that means she hates to be put down! She gets mad when I lay her on her playmat so I never thought she was going to roll over. But bright and early this morning, 6:00am is no fun, she laid down on her mat and immediately flipped herself over onto her tummy! Yay! Now all day long she flips right over. The only bad thing is she hates being on her tummy and screams until I come flip her back over. Now off to teach her how to flip back the other way!

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Casey said...

Just beautiful! She is precious. You have 3 wonderful blessings!