Sunday, November 16, 2008


UPDATE 11/24
God has placed His healing hand over Myka! She was told a week ago that she would not live much past the 16th... plans for her funeral arrangements had been made for last week. When we met with her we truly felt her slipping into eternity. But God had other plans! She is stabilizing and needing less and less oxygen to survive. The tentative plan is that the hospital is going to release her on Tuesday to go home with the care of Hospice. The doctor said she may have weeks, even a month to live. But we know that her days have already been numbered by God and that He has the last say in how long she will be here. Thank you all for your prayers and we ask for continued prayer for her and her family.
I ask you to please join with me in praying for one of our students, Myka. She is an incredibly beautiful 18 year old but she has lived all of those years in and out of the hospital. She recently had a lung transplant and her body is now rejecting that lung. Mkya has refused to undergo another transplant because of how difficult the procedure is. The doctors have said she does not have much time as her body is completely failing. She seems to be fighting hard right now because her brother is arriving this afternoon and she wants to be able to see him. Please pray for this sweet family. Also, please pray for our students in the church as they are emotionally vulnerable and scared. Pray that God would be glorified through this time. Pray that Kyle, as the Student Minister, would have the words to say, the presence to comfort, and the ability to show God's heart. Our students are asking alot of questions as this is some of their first times to experience grief. Pray for us as we minister to them. Most of all pray for Myka's healing (whether God chooses to heal her physical body here on Earth or before Himself in Heaven) and for the hearts of the family and friends. May God be glorified.

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The Pascua Family said...

Myka has a beautiful inspiring testimony that just shines of God's beauty in her and through her. Praying for her and her family tonight and in the next coming days. *Praying for Kyle too*