Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy 9 Months!

Jude has filled the past nine months will a joy and love we had yet known. His spirit is so beautiful, sensative, inquistive, and full of joy. His smile lights up my world. His personality is already so different than Noah and it will be an adventure watching the two of them carve out their own paths in this life. Jude absolutely worships Noah... he adores him. Noah is starting to become very interactive with him by playing hide-and-seek with him, sharing his toys, and giving lots of kisses.

Jude is desperately trying to walk. He stands up holding onto anything in reach and then lets go! He can balance for a few seconds and then he gently bends his knees and sits down. It's amazing to see the control he has going from standing to sitting. Another couple months and he will be chasing his brother around the house... and I will be chasing them both with my big ole' pregnant belly :)

Jude now has two teeth and it is just adorable to see them poking out of his smile! He now refuses all baby food (except Apple Vanilla) and so his diet consists of cheerios, puffs in assorted flavors, toast, teething biscuits. crackers, pretzels, fruit, and anything else he can snag from our plates. Also, he is now taking a bottle and only nurses in the morning.

Jude's favorite things right now include: ice cold water, dancing to music, taking bubble baths with brother, reading books, destroying the toy room, swinging, having his picture taken, eating real food, jumping, and the dog.

His not so favorite things: getting dressed, the carseat, the stroller, mommy leaving the room, and the cold weather!


Hannah said...

Jude is so precious. I can't believe it was only 9 months ago that we saw him for the first time in the hospital. Brand new. Come back to DFW!!

Susan said...

He is just precious! My daughter just turned 9 months old last week. She is shimmying and travels about 5 feet before getting frustrated. So far, she has no desire to cruise or walk though she loves jumping in her jumper.
It is so amazing the differences in babies of the same age. One things our little ones do seem to have in common is their "not so favorite" things.

The White House said...

Your blog is looking great (as usual). I have an award for you over at my blog!

Brittany said...

Sweet baby! I can't believe he already 9 months old. He is growing up so fast!