Sunday, July 5, 2009

abundantly blessed

Often I sit back and look at my family and stand in awe of the Lord. What did I do to be this lucky in life? Sure I have known my trials and tribulations... many dark times in my childhood and adulthood... but oh how blessed I am. As I hold my precious 8 week old daughter tears sting my eyes as I thank God for all He has entrusted me with. I am not worthy of His lavish gifts but I am ever so grateful. It is very difficult raising an Autistic child, on top of raising three young children, but God slows me down daily to breathe in His blessings. All three babies are sleeping right now - snug in their beds. I pray that I can honor the Lord through my children. I pray that God can use me to move their hearts towards eternal salvation. There is nothing more that I could ask for. 


Brittany said...

she is definitely a raney baby! cute cute cute.

The White House said...

What a beautiful post, and pictures of course. Aren't we so blessed?