Friday, May 1, 2009


Noah has decided to become an interior decorator... 
he thinks the house (and the family) look much better covered in STICKERS!

I must agree. The stickers at least cover up my massive stretch marks :) Quite the unique belly picture, I know. But it was so cute that the boys wanted to give Evy stickers. And to add to the sticker obsession, Noah is obsessed with cameras. He often finds my camera and brings it to me saying, 'cheese' or 'picture' or 'click.' So he brought me the camera and said 'picture' so I told him to go by the window and I would take a picture. 
He is definitely at PK (photographer's kid) - look at that pose! HAHA! 

But in other news, Noah knows the ENTIRE alphabet and can identify the numbers up to 10!!! Way to go little man! He sings the ABC song and can randomly identify all the letters of the alphabet. He can even spell his own name! He tells me to write N - O - A - H. He spends an hour or two a day at the refrigerator going through this alphabet magnets. He listens to the sounds they make and then repeats them. Thank you Leap Frog!


Casey said...

what a beautiful designer! What a great thing that he knows his numbers and alphabet, I bet you were so excited for him! That Leap Frog toy is soo wonderful.

Can I just say your belly looks amazing for being on your third baby!

Nana said...

Noah I am so proud of you.