Friday, February 6, 2009

the last trimester!

I am officially in my last trimester of pregnancy! My tummy is expanding quite rapidly these days. Most of my shirts are now too short... they don't cover all of little Evy anymore. But I really don't want to spend any money on new clothes for myself... clothes for Evy are much more fun to buy! In fact, I have bought her several little tutus and pettiskirts, as well as headbands and hats with big flowers! I am stalking Ebay for several pairs of pink converse shoes for her too... she is gonna be one precious little girl! She is gonna be the most photographed baby ever. I have bought so many things and have tons of ideas of cool photos to take of her when she gets here. Can't wait! 

As for now, the entire 4 out 4.5 of us is sick with the flu. Once we are feeling better I promise I will get some new belly pictures out!

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