Monday, October 27, 2008

holy, holy

In the car Noah always requests 'music,' which by that he means VeggieTale music. We have one of their worship CD's that they did with Matt Redman and it rocks. Kyle turns on the 'music' and off we go... we are chatting in the front seat when we hear 'HOLY, HOLY' from the backseat. Noah was singing along to God of Wonders! So beautiful to hear our son praising the Lord at two years old!
His most favorite worship song is Come, Now is the Time to Worship (not sure of the exact title, but you get the gist). I often hear him in his bedroom singing along "come... worship... come... give... heart... God... gladly... choose You..." Thank you Jesus for these sweet words. May he continue worshipping You joyfully throughout his lifetime.


Casey said...

aren't kids adorable when they sing Worship songs. My girls love the Praise Baby Dvd's and it is soo cute listening to them sing the songs!

Susan said...

I came over from The White House.
We play that CD in the car too and I can't stop smiling when I hear "Ho-wee, Ho-wee" from my two year old. He now sings many other songs on the CD but that was his first and his favorite.
He will also ask to listen to Jesus music and specify if he wants to listen to his Jesus music (Veggie Tales and other Sunday School CDs) or Mommy's Jesus music (praise CDs, Mercy Me, Nichole Nordeman, etc.).
That may be the close to the definition of pure joy.