Monday, October 27, 2008

Family Fun #5 Texas Night

We have had many unofficial family fun nights over the last month but being pregnant with two little kids has left me uncreative. So we went with a classic western themed family fun night - Texas Night. Noah picked out Yellow Roses (Texas state flower) for me... he was so sweet. He brought them home and handed them to me and gave me a kiss. Ahhhhh. Jude loved his cowboy outfit!
Then Noah threw a massive tantrum because he did not want to wear his vest, chaps, or hat!
Daddy cooked a delicious Texas meal of chicken, potato salad, and baked beans... complete with pecan pie for dessert.
Followed up the evening by watching one of the western themed Veggietales - Little Joe. Needless to say, this was not a very creative fun night... I should be ashamed! But we had fun and that's all that matters.


Steph H. said...

that chicken and potato salad looks yummy right now!

Casey said...

how adorable and what a great idea! I may have to copy you!

CalebNKylesMommy said...

It may not be that creative to you but the kids enjoyed it (for the most part ;) right?) and thats all that matters. We need to have some family fun nights, what a great idea!

The White House said...

I love Jude's little cowprint diapers. Can we hook he and Audrey up? I think they would be perfect together