Monday, August 18, 2008

fresh air

Okay... so we are done with TELEVISION! As Noah gets older he is becoming more and more and more obsessed with it. He can turn on the tv, dvd player, and start a dvd all by himself. In fact, a few nights ago at 1AM he woke up and snuck into the living room and was putting on a dvd. It's all he thinks about. He wants it every second of every minute of every day. It's like a true addiction for him. As a stay at home mom it is so easy to give in to his demands for tv because I need to nurse Jude or put him down for one of his naps. But one 30 minute cartoon turns into two, turns into three... ahhhh! So we are strictly going to enforce ONE Veggietale right when he wakes up in the morning and one right after his nap. THAT IS IT! Today he has actually played with his toys and played outside in the backyard. We walked down to the park and enjoyed the wonderful temperatures outside. So pray for us... he is going through Veggietale withdrawls!

Here are some pictures of our park adventure!
Noah is walking up the slide and smiling at me with every step.

poor Jude is still sick... not feeling up to swinging.

my little treehugger. reduce, reuse, recycle.
Time to go home!


The White House said...

Funny! did you read mck mama's post this weekend? Me too! Did you read my post today?

Wasn't it refreshing to have your kids actually play, instead of grumpily walk around bored with an occasional 5 minute capture by the tv?

Help hold me accountable and I will do the same if you want? Keep posting ideas of new stuff that you do, and I will do the same.

The Lord is funny, and kind, isn't He? Yesterday Caleb asked me what the deal was with blogging, I pointed him to mck mama's post about no tv and told him that as a sahm with three kids that are a project to get out of the house, blogging is fellowship, and accoutability!

The White House said...

We made it through too, ten minutes of Dora this am (until my coffee kicked in and I could get through a psalm to get me in gear. The kids did so great, but it rained all day, so I went a little stir crazy. Think I might need to reserve a DVD for the witching hour! praying for you...

lisawitt said...

Good for you! And it will be good for the boys too! Enjoy the weather and playing outside! I love the last pic of little Jude yawning...hope he feels better soon!