Monday, August 18, 2008

bath duo

Last night was Sunday... meaning church night for Daddy and that leaves the dinner,bath, bed routine to Mommy. Usually I throw Noah in the tub and let him splash around while I bathe Jude in his 'baby' tub up on the sink... but I was feeling especially brave for some reason and let the boys bathe together. They had so much fun... well at least Jude did. Noah was frustrated he couldn't splash and jump. He just kept pushing all of the gazzilion toys to Jude's side of the tub... and kept his back turned towards him much of the time. But still... no one was hurt or crying so I feel it was a success!
And Noah loves to be wrapped up in his 'big boy burrito' as we call it... he then waddles to his bed for pajamas. So funny! Ohhhhh and if you are admiring his own personalized VeggieTales towel, that is from Ms. Brittany and Mrs. Lisa! I cannot tell you guys how much he loves it. Thank you!

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The White House said...

Super cute! Jude is sitting up sooo well. He is a doll. And they look so much alike in that other post. Crazy! Don't forget to tell me more about the diapers, especially about cleaning them.