Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sensory integration

As part of Noah's occupational therapy homework we are trying to 'desensitize' him to different textures. Right now we are working with rice and pinto beans. By burying his toys inside he has to touch the rice and the beans to get them... he just cringes to do it. But today he made HUGE progress by eating YOGURT!!! He has always refused it as he does not like the texture. But I bought 'Diego' yogurt and he ate it all... even asked for more. Also, he used a spoon all by himself! Since he has an aversion to most foods that require utensils (he likes finger foods) he has not had the practice to use a spoon. So proud of my little guy!


Nana said...

Yea NOAH. Nana wish she lived close by to help you find those toys.

Jenny said...

You are such an amazing mom. You face everything so head on and I am just so in awe of you. Noah is a lucky little boy to have parents who want to see him succeed so much. I hope that if i am ever in the same situation I can be as brave/strong as you are.
The boys are beautiful!