Saturday, July 12, 2008

Family Fun #1 Under the Sea

We'll admit it... we love to be silly. So we have decided that we are going to start having fun and silly Family Fun Nights. We kicked off the tradition with an Under the Sea theme, wearing bathing suits (I passed on this one!) and flower leis. To decorate the house in our very own sea adventure we blew up countless balloons, hung blue streamers, put pictures of fish on the wall. We snacked on goldfish that were served in starfish serving dishes (one filled with ocean water, aka blue jello, and one with water and fish). Then Noah made an orginal piece of artwork with Finding Nemo stickers. After that bubbles filled the air as we ran around popping them before they touched the ground. Jude just loved the bubbles. He was so excited that he was reaching out to try and touch them! After bubbles we ate fish sticks for dinner, drank blue gatorade, and watched Finding Nemo/Jonah (noah got bored with Nemo 15 minutes into it so we switched to Jonah). Finished off the evening by curling up with Daddy and reading One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. God must have liked our sea adventure as the rain outside added to the underwater atmosphere. So this is the first of many nonsense nights... we will celebrate the All Stars baseball game on Tuesday with a baseball adventure!


The White House said...

How Fun!!! What a great idea, Cassie. I bet y'all had a blast.

Nana said...

How I wish we lived in Broken Arrow. Cassie thanks so much for sharing these special times with us.

ellegirl said...

Your ideas and creativity amaze me!