Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My heart aches. My burden is heavy. Broken dreams and shattered lives lay across China at this very moment. China has been devastated by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands have lost their lives. Please join with me in prayer over this nation. Prayer for recovery, revival, and repentance. May God use this tragedy to open their hearts to His Son. May God be glorified in this.
I have several dear friends in China and I pray pray pray that they are safe. I pray that their families and relatives are all safe as well. I pray that God protects my sweet sisters in Christ there.
China is so dear to my heart. God allowed me the incredible opportunity to spread the gospel to this incredible nation and people group a few years ago. Kyle and I have such an intense love for this nation. We believe with all of our heart that God has called us to adopt a daughter from there. We are waiting for His timing so until then we will pray for our little one, her family, and her nation.

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