Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1/4 year mark!

Jude celebrates his 3 month birthday today! He is a quarter of a year old... wow! He weighs approximately 13 pounds and is 24 1/4 inches tall. He is quite the happy and easy baby...

- Grabs objects above or in front of him
- Giggles
- Big gummy smiles
- Focuses on mommy, daddy, and noah from across the room
- Loves to watch noah
- Rolling from tummy to back
- Pushing up onto his hands when on tummy
- Sits unassisted in tripod for a few seconds
- Enjoys sitting up in his bumbo
- Loves to look in the mirror
- Already obsessed with Veggietales... watches it whenever he gets a chance!
- Great baby model
- Likes to read books about animals
- Loves his binky, blanket, and swing
- Sleeps from 7pm - 7am with just one quick feeding in between
- Hates his carseat


lisawitt said...

Happy 3 months, Jude! Can you come over and teach Zach your sleeping ways? :)

Steph H. said...

wow, 3 months already!