Friday, April 25, 2008

happy birthday daddy!

We love you sooooooooo much! Here are a few (27 to be exact) of our favorite things about you:
1. You play 'crazy' with me! My most favorite game! - Noah
2. You sing 'Hey Jude' to me and it makes me happy. - Jude
3. You are really good at the Wii... but I am even better. - Me
4. You let me watch VeggieTales whenever I give you my puppydog eyes. - Noah
5. You take me outside to go potty. - the dog
6. You cuddle with me during thunderstorms. - Noah
7. You give me my pacifier when I am screaming. - Jude
8. You give Jude his pacifier when he is screaming. - Me
9. You cook dinner and bathe the kids most nights. - Me
10. You change our dirty diapers and don't even complain about it. - Noah and Jude
11. You have a 'fauxhawk' like me. - Jude
12. You go to work with spitup on your shirt. - Jude
13. You make the best morning breakfast and even let me sleep in with the baby. - Me
14. You dust the furniture before your friends come over. - Me
15. You like cartoons just as much as me. - Noah
16. You give me kisses. - Jude
17. You clean up my poop when I have an accident in the bath. - Noah
18. You clean up my poop when I have accidents too. - the dog
19. You hire people to mow our yard because you don't like to sweat. - Me
20. You swaddle me. - Jude
21. You love Chick-fil-a. - Me and Noah
22. You think you are funny. - Me
23. You give me 'more' kisses on my toes. - Noah
24. You get boogies out of my nose with the nasal aspirator. - Jude
25. You don't like mayonaise. - Me
26. You 'like to move it, move it.' - Noah
27. You use me like a puppet to dance the macarena. - Jude
What else could you ask for???


kyle said...

Best Birthday Present Ever!!! But what about me being good looking???

Dan and Sarah said...

This is too too cute!!!! I love it.