Wednesday, April 23, 2008

count em'... 10 whole weeks!

1o weeks ago today we welcomed Jude into our family with great joy and love. In these few weeks our hearts have expanded with love in ways we never knew was possible. To finally hold our baby after fearing we never would. Through a difficult pregnancy, Jude fought to hold on. We are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of our baby Finley's due date. She would have turned one in just a couple weeks. It amazes me sometimes how fresh and raw my emotions still are when I think about our two babies in Heaven. It makes me cherish each second with my boys all the more. How thankful I am for them. So here is my Jude. He makes my heart swell with joy. He is growing up so fast... pushing up on his arms, rolling over, smiling, cooing, cuddling. The most magical part of my day is when he watches his brother and just smiles... they will be such good buddies. Guess I am just really sentimental right now. I am just so blessed. Very humbled that God has given me such a phenomenal husband, who is raising our boys to be godly men, and has also given me two children whom I see the greatness of God in.


Dan Stephens said...


To answer your question I've been using a Nikon d40x. It replaced my Coolpix 8700 which was the last model of the Coolpix line before it was redesigned. Anyway, the d40x has been a great camera, but it isn't too hard taking great pictures of Jayden - he likes it and makes it easy with those smiles!


Dan and Sarah said...

Oh I just love Jude..that little face is precious! And you are allowed to have sentimental moments...we're mommies, we're supposed to! :)

lisawitt said...

wonderful pics, Jude is a handsome fella! So sweet to see the love between the brothers, what a gift!