Monday, March 24, 2008

sweet melody and stickers

Noah sat and played beautiful melodies for everyone to hear... he actually sat still for 5 minutes! I gotta get a piano if it's gonna keep him still!!!

And then later we noticed that the house was very quiet... where was Noah???? Found him laying down on the floor as he covered himself head to toe with stickers! He doesn't look too happy about being caught redhanded... awwww.


justin & angela said...

So fun! It looks like Noah's tastebuds may be blossoming- apples and cupcakes- NICE! Precious little boys!

Tyne White said...

there you are Cassie! I couldn't find your blog after we touched base months ago. I will add it to my blog if that is okay with you. Love to keep up with you and your family. tyne