Monday, March 24, 2008


Had a wonderful afternoon celebrating Easter with family. Noah hunted Easter eggs... more like daddy hunted the eggs. Noah just wanted to run around outside but he managed to pick up a few eggs along the way. Jude stayed inside where he was cuddled by his aunt because it was a little too chilly for him to be outside. Noah decided to abruptly end the Easter celebration when he went a little too close to a water fountain in the garden. He decided to stand on the edge of the fountain rocks and then tumbled forward head first into the water... he was soaked! So after borrowing his cousins shirt and pants we left to put our cold and wet little man to bed... he was tired, cranky, and wet! But here are a few pictures BEFORE the accident...

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Aunt Kelli said...

Of course Kyle hunted eggs... It just wouldn't be right unless EVERY member of the Raney family hunted at least once, regardless of age. That's just how we roll... : )