Thursday, June 11, 2009

um, hello???

Poor thing! Little E. is at the mercy of her big brothers. She was sleeping in her swing when Noah took the phone and decided she wanted to talk. He laid it next to her ear and kept saying 'HELLO!'. A few minutes later he brought her a spatula and put it in her hand. 

Jude too has his fair share of fun with her... he likes to give her a high five, he does not like that she does not return  his high five. He will pick up her sweet little hand and then high five it - over and over and over. He doesn't get why she won't get up and play with him. Won't be too much longer and then he will be wishing she would just go back to sleeping all day :)

1 comment:

Casey said...

Maybe he knows that girls like to talk on the phone? It is a look into the future when she is a teenager!