Wednesday, May 27, 2009

little e.

So far so good. Little E. is sleeping well, eating well, and sleeping well some more. She is starting to become very alert when she is awake and loves to gaze into my eyes. I for real think she smiled at me - TWICE. I know they say it's gas at this age but I have a feeling it was more than just bubbles in her tummy.

Last week E. went to the park for the first time. At only a mere 1 1/2 weeks old she slept through it all as she worked on her tan. Here is my baby girl out at the park:
At 1 week old she got all dressed up and went to church... again she slept through it all. Everyone oooooooo'd and ahhhhhhh'd over her in her pretty little dress:
She and I had a shopping day last week... just us girls. It was so fun to go to the mall with my little lady. I have ventured out several times with ALL THREE kids this past week... not too bad. I am getting the hang of it all. So far the adjustment has been smooth. The hardest part of my job is protecting her from her brothers... Jude kisses her to death and Noah pets her head a bit too hard. The only safe place for her is the crib. Jude can easily get onto our bed, the couch, the table... he is currently surmising a plan to climb into her crib. I can't take my eye off of any one of them. She is gonna be a tough girl - gonna have to be. 

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