Tuesday, April 21, 2009

family night info :)

This morning I braved my nerves and spoke at MOPS... thankfully my fear of public speaking didn't send me into labor :) But I shared with all the ladies how we do monthly FAMILY FUN NIGHTS.  Each table was assigned a theme and created a family fun night event... so many great ideas! 

I mentioned that I was inspired by two different ladies who blog about their family fun nights... here are their blogs:

Each of them have their family fun nights categorized so it's easy to find them! 

Then the fun website for national and silly holidays is: BrownieLocks and the 3 Bears

Have fun creating your own family fun night and let me know when you do one... I'd love to see your photos and hear what a great time you all had! 

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Tracy said...

What a cool meeting idea! As coordinator of my MOPS group, I want to invite you to come and visit and speak at my MOPS group next year!!! I will be planning the new year this summer...when can you come? Plus, this way we can see you guys! :o) Evageline (hope I spelled her name correctly) is so beautiful!! Congratulations to you and Kyle, love you all!!!

PS: if you come at the right time you could speak at MOPS and Teen MOPS!! Just an idea... ;o)