Saturday, March 28, 2009

spring is on hold...

Let's have a snow day! Noah spent most of the day looking outside the window as HUGE flakes of snow fell from the sky all day long. Who knows how much snow stuck on the ground... several inches. So much so that Chick fil A gave away free sandwiches because we received 3 inches of snow or more! 

Here is my Noah... refusing to wear a hat so his hair was soaking wet. Then the dog. Dachshunds are not made for snow :) He had to hop through the snow because his little legs are too short to walk through it!

Lightning McQueen rainboots - an Okie's snowboots. Kyle and Noah built a snow man together... as you can see Jude felt left out. He so wanted to play in the snow but then would cry when he did because he was too cold. The snow was coming down so hard. Poor little man!


Brittany said...

awww... poor moses!

Harms Family said...

Looks like you all got the left over snow from us. We were hit with over 16 inches on Thursday and today you would not even know it. At least Noah and Jude seem to enjoy it. Zoe didn't want anything to do with it either.