Sunday, March 22, 2009


Ok... ok... ok! I know it's has been wayyyyyy too long since my last post. And I also realize that I still have my valentine's day header up... pathetic.

Well to give you a little sneak peak into why I am so far behind... click HERE.
I recently started up my photography business - Sassafras Photography. I have been very very very busy and the month of April is almost completely booked. I am LOVING it but am finding the juggling act difficult of being a full time stay at home mom all day and the trying to cram in a full time job in the evenings while the little ones sleep. But I  hope to get the flow nice and easy before our little baby Evy gets here. 

Speaking of baby Evy, she is doing great. I have no idea how far along I am now... guessing somewhere around 33 weeks. I have no idea. I don't keep track any more! She will come when she is good and ready. I feel great but have recently been having some painful braxton hicks that just knock the breath out of me. I have only gained 15 pounds and my doctor is not happy with that... so I am on a Taco Bell, Chick fil A, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream diet :) 

Oh and some great news... my mamma just moved from New Mexico to the Fort Worth area! I am so thrilled that she is closer to us and this means the kids will get to see them more often. So the boys and I are heading down to Fort Worth this week to visit them. They have LOTS of horses and I am so looking forward to introducing Noah to the 'country' life! I will be back with a new post (and pictures) next week! 


lisawitt said...

YAY! Glad to "see" you back, missed the updates! Love your photographs, you really have a gift!

Dressed-Up Dots said...

Cassie!! I'm really glad to get that link....I was telling my sis in Houston about you and how amazing your work is. Now I can send her to your site! And I'll be praying as the time to meet miss Evy gets closer. May you be blessed with rest, sweet moments with your sweet family, and excitement at this time.
:), Martha