Thursday, January 22, 2009

a long journey

Noah turned three on Tuesday and thus he moved from being under SoonerStart's care for his developmental delays to the public school system. He now attends a Developmental Delayed Preschool class a couple times a week for a short amount of time. There he receives speech therapy and integrated occupational therapy. He had a very difficult time in the class this week. The teacher and the aide had to give him one on one help the entire class time because he refused to participate in the activities. His biggest issue has been, and will be, his attending behaviors. He is unable to focus on any activity for more than 30 seconds and only will do what activity he chooses to do. This classroom is highly structured and has been very hard for him to follow. The teacher is looking at allowing Noah to attend three days a week but for only one hour at a time so he is successful during that one hour. She also mentioned getting him on medication for his sleep issues (wakes up 6-12 times a night and is completely exhausted during the day) and wants to come to our house to help set up a similar 'classroom' environment that will help his attending behavior. My heart is so heavy for him. Goodness, it hurts to watch your child struggle. Please be praying for him, as well as us. Sending him to a school environment has been so hard for me. I believe that God has called us to homeschool our children so every bone in my body is fighting this and I feel like a failure. But I trust that Noah needs extra services and help... as do I. I never understood the heartache, exhaustion, and fear that raising a special needs child brings. My heart cries out to the Lord for wisdom and discernment. I just feel so helpless at times. I pray for wisdom and discernment. I can't do this alone. 
I am so proud of all of Noah's progress... but sometimes the road looks so long. Pray for my little man as he tries to adjust to his new surroundings and expectations. Pray for his teacher, that she will have wisdom into how to help him. Pray for us as his parents to know how to reach his little heart. 


Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

Don't ever feel like a failure when help is needed. I am the #1 person to never ask for help. I'm very independent. God has brought me to specific places in my life at different times when I had to have help and what a blessing it turned out to be. Let God use other people to bless you and Noah. What a precious gift you have been given!

Lala said...

Noah and my son are similar in so many ways. I'm wondering how you went about getting Noah the help he needs? Perhaps you have an e-mail so I can ask you a few questions in private? I applaud you for what you are doing for Noah, I think it's great.

Sharon said...

You know I've walked a mile in your shoes and I'm so excited for you guys that you've recognized the need for help early and weren't so slow in figuring that out like me. My hope for Noah is that by getting help early on that you won't struggle with homeschooling later. Don't ever beat yourself up for doing what you know in your heart is best for your little blessings God has given you! You're a great mom!

amberdawn said...

Oh girl! You are not a failure...God does not give you more than He knows you can handle (Through His strength of course!) You are an amazing Mom of 2 plus kids! God has given ya'll an amazing gift in Noah (I just know it!) Praying for you in Texas!