Monday, January 19, 2009

commit to praying for harper

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My friend Sharon and I went back up to the hospital to visit with Harper's family. Again, my heart was broken by their grief. When we arrived they were in talking with the doctor and so we waited a few minutes. They came back to the waiting room just in tears. The doctor said that Harper has not made any progress, nor has she declined either. However, they may put her back on the ECMO (bypass) list if she has not improved within three days. Harper is in very critical condition and needs prayer desperately. Her mother, Kelly, is an extrodinary woman of faith and said her peace comes from the many prayers surrounding them. Her spirit is beautiful and I know that God is using her and Harper to further His kingdom. As I hugged Kelly I felt the very hand of God upon her. 
Our students at FBCBA were given red bracelets (they are razorback fans) on Sunday morning as my husband told them about Harper's story. They wore the bracelets and committed to pray for her and the family. Kelly had heard that our students had done this and was so excited that God was using Harper's life to move students. Here is a photo of some of our students showing off their bracelets.


Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

Oh what a blessing you have been to her. I wish we would have had enough time to get something together from the MOPS group. We did discuss it in our steering team meeting. Please let us know if there are any specific needs we can meet!

Harms Family said...

I am committed to praying for sweet Harper and her wonderful family. Thanks for any updates you give. I check her blog often as well.
That is wonderful how the students are being moved and are committed to pray. Our Saviour is in control.