Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2 going on 3...

This coming Tuesday Noah will turn THREE... I am still in shock that my sweet baby is no longer a toddler, but a preschooler. Where has the time gone? I sat down to go through photos of the last three years and just bawled my eyes out. So many incredible memories with this little guy, yet so many gut wrenching memories. These three years have taken us down a journey I never thought I would experience. Watching my typical developing 18 month old one day turn inwards and lose the ability and desire to communicate for months broke me. Hearing every doctor tell me he was most definitely AUTISTIC. Wondering if I would ever hear 'mama' again... longing for him to crawl up in my lap for a hug. The tears shed were so great but through it all I knew that God was carrying us. Then the day he started coming out of his daze - he said DADDA at 22 months! His first word in 4 months of complete silence! Praise God! It has been just a little over a year and he now has hundreds of words. He looks at us in the eyes, gives and desires affection, and has a personality that never stops cracking us up. I am so incredibly blessed to be Noah's mother... to see him through this rollercoaster. What mother rejoices every time her child speaks? What mother dances for joy at the very touch of her child? A mother who feared she would never hear her child's voice or feel his affection. I cherish all that I have with him. These three years have grown me into a strong mother who has to fight for her child. I am his advocate in the grocery store when people stare at him because he is having one his sensory meltdowns. I am his advocate when other moms/kids ask why he can't tell them his name when asked. I am his advocate when he screams in frustration because he can't verbalize what he needs. I will always be his advocate... in the easy times and the hard times. He is my precious child. I am so very blessed. 

Here is a snapshot into our lives over the past three years:

39 weeks pregnant with Noah

3 days old

2 months

6 months

8 months

10 months

12 months

1 - 2 years old

2 -3  years old


Hannah said...

Three!!! Congratulations for raising such a blessed boy. He is a wonderful joy - praise God and keep up the wonderful work.

lisawitt said...

What a sweet boy is Noah! Thanks for sharing the pics down memory lane, so neat to look back! Happy almost birthday, Noah!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Noah!!

Harms Family said...

Oh there he is my future son in law. He is so adorbale. Happy 3rd Birthday Noah, on Tuesday that is.

Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

What a blessed mom you are. You brought tears to my eyes. Every child bring us tears of joy and tears of fear and it's God and only God that gives us the strength to be the best momma's we can! I think you're awesome!


amberdawn said...

SWEET! And I know how you feel-Carson turned three 6 days before Christmas, and I can't believe it! I am soooo happy for you with the upcoming arrival of a baby girl! Keep doing such good things for God, your husband, and your kids girl!