Monday, December 15, 2008

snow day!

Woke up this morning to a snow covered ground! What fun! The boys played outside for awhile and loved every minute of it! Noah ran up and down the street sliding all over. The ground and streets were covered with snow and then a layer of ice on top of that... which made it very slippery - all the more fun to run and slide. I was going to finish Christmas shopping today while Noah was at preschool but all the schools are closed down. Hopefully I can get out sometime this week and finish shopping - only 10 more days until Christmas!


Brittany said...

how fun! The boys look so cute all bundled up in their winter clothes!

Sharon said...

We only live a mile or 2 from you and got ALL ice. How does that work? Oh well, if you need to finish Christmas shopping later this week,let us know. We're always ready to hang out with the boys!