Tuesday, December 23, 2008

gingerbread man!

Every Christmas we decorate a gingerbread house... and I must say we have had some rockin' ones. For instance, one year Kyle and I made Texas A&M's Kyle Field - it was awesome. Well this year we let Noah do all the decorating and for starters, he ate most of the candy. He cried when he had to put it on the house. Oh my. But we managed to get a few of the 'yucky candy' on the house. With the roof and walls falling apart, along with the reject candy - here is our annual gingerbread house. Hmmmmmm... let's just say it fell apart soon after this photo.

And there was Jude - he sat at the table munching on candy canes and suckers. He was in candy heaven! He throws hysteric fits if Noah is eating a sucker and he is not so we have to be 'fair.' 

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