Thursday, December 4, 2008

caught red-handed!

1:12 PM in the Raney house: both boys beginning naptime, doorbell rings, mr. fix it man here to fix the garage door, he can't fix it, he leaves, trying to round up the kids to try naptime again, i see noah running through the house like a wild man, he climbs in jude's crib and starts jumping like its a trampoline, i notice he has jude's pacifier in his mouth, i take it out and go to find jude, he is sitting in the living room happily sucking on a sucker - noah's sucker that he must have thrown on the floor, i grab my camera cause he is just so cute, snap some photos, then put my camera down, turn around and see jude now has the sucker stuck in his hair, take just one more photo. will we ever make it to naptime today?


Brittany said...

look at that face!

Harms Family said...

Oh my I love these shots. Look at the joy he has. So cute. LOL.


poehl family said...

this is hilarious!!! i love that devious grin. he is a DOLL!!!!