Sunday, November 2, 2008

movin' on up!

... to the 2nd TRIMESTER! Monday marks the monumental 13th week of pregnancy and the beginning of the so-called 'honeymoon trimester.' So far this pregnancy has been soooooo easy and nice (except the initial scare of miscarriage in the early weeks)... in fact, if I didn't see our little one with my own eyes on the ultrasound machine I would not believe I was even pregnant - just gaining some weight! I truly don't feel pregnant at all, which is why I think it's a boy - this pregnancy is just like Noah and Jude's.

I have not gained any weight yet. Must be because I am still nursing Jude (but he is now taking one or two bottles a day!) because it is certainly not because I am not eating! I CRAVE french fries, hamburgers, mexican, chips, and anything else totally horrible to eat. I am consuming more food than I ever thought was possible.

As far as names, we are still at a complete loss. Every name we used to like doesn't sound good anymore. We are at a stand still. Thankfully we have plenty of time. And yes, we are still set on keeping this baby's gender a surprise until the very end! The needle and thread test does say GIRL every time... baby's heartbeat is staying in the 170's... I am carrying out front and low... craving salty, salty, salty foods... any guesses? I still think BOY.


Casey said...

You look great!

The White House said...

Girl. For sure!

Blog is looking pretty. Love to you friend!

Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

I'm glad your pregnancy is going "easy" Enjoy the honey moon period.......mine is almost over! I groaned when I got off the couch the other day and Jed asked me what...I said I'm sick of being fat!

I'm with you on the craving sugar! I have no desire for "good" food!

Aunt Tammy said...

You look so good Cassie!!!