Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BIG trouble.

As I take five minutes to nurse and put Jude down for his nap, Noah happily plays in his toy room or watches a cartoon. Today, neither of those were his fancy. It was coloring on the coffeetable... on our 2 month old, very expensive coffeetable!!! Thankfully these crayons were his bathtime crayons that came out (pretty much) after a good and long scrub. I can't ever get him to color on paper... he hates to color... guess he decided he likes it now.



amberdawn said...

Which is exactly why the motto at our house is "We just can't have nothing nice!" Sorry about your table!

Sharon said...

Mr. clean magic erasers work wonders on these kinds of life happenings. I've used them to get crayon and marker off of walls and doors. Whoever invented those things deserves a Pulitzer prize!

The White House said...

Yikes! Try Mr. Clean Magic Erasers- they are awesome and don't damage your walls/furniture/etc.