Monday, September 8, 2008

saved by the bell

Today was my baby's first day of preschool. Thankfully it is at our church (daddy's work) and so Daddy was able to check on him throughout the day. Although we feel very strong about homeschooling our children we recognize that Noah has delays in speech and social relationships and feel that this environment might help him. The teachers said he did well, named all of his colors, loved Gymnastics... however, he had a major meltdown at naptime. He screamed and kicked anytime they would try to get him on his mat. So I will be picking him up right after lunch from now on... so he will be going twice a week for three hours.


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CalebNKylesMommy said...

Aww your baby is growing up! Caleb will be 4 next month and I too have had my tear days of moving over to the BOY section to buy him clothes and shoes and we get to do it all over again with Kyle and Jude.