Saturday, September 13, 2008

kickin' it

First day of soccer class... we survived. He kicked and screamed through short 'circle times' but really enjoyed running back and forth across the field, bubbles, making towers with orange cones, and throwing the balls (he even managed to kick the ball a couple times). He was in sensory overload for sure but was able to hold himself together better than expected. Hope that as the class continues over the next several months he will participate more and have less meltdowns. Overall, we are super proud of how well he did.
His occupational therapist was the one who encouraged this class as she knew that it would help Noah work through his oversensitivity to stimulation. Initially he really struggled in that enviroment. He went into hysterics several times. I have to admit, it was hard to watch as Noah was the one kid who would not sit down like all the other kids, threw massive tantrums, played by himself, and didn't want to participate in most of the activities. It hurts to watch people judge your child. It hurts to see people judge us as parents. If only they knew. If only they saw the daily struggles... the daily victories. Can you imagine that today Noah said FOUR NEW WORDS??? He said 'cone, bowl, ears, and Pluto'!!!!!!!! He is such an incredible kid. I just love him love him love him.


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Valerie Pearson said...

Yay Noah! He accomplished so much in one day! AND -- he was definitely the cutest kid there!!