Monday, September 29, 2008


Jude has learned to CLAP!!! He has been clapping pretty much all day long for the past two days. He will start clapping... then Noah will clap for him. So cute! Jude beams with pride when we all cheer him on. When I say 'CLAP' he throws his hands together in such excitment!

A month ago he first said 'MAMA' and now he has added 'BUBBA' to his vocabulary list. The boys were both in their carseats (since Jude's carseat is still in reverse the boys often keep each other laughing on the road) and Noah was making hilarious faces in the mirror... I told Jude to look at BUBBA and then he said 'BUBBA, BUBBA, BUBBA!' Then Noah chimes in repeating the entire phrase again. Again, so cute!

Jude now goes from sitting on the floor straight into crawling position - on his hands and knees. He will stay there for a minute, rock back and forth, stretch his arm out, and then decide crawling is just too hard and sprawl out on the floor. Instead of crawling he has found that rolling is much much easier. He will roll across the floor - back and forth, back and forth.

Jude is also very much into blowing raspberries and doing motorboat noises with his mouth. He will puff up his cheeks, put his bottom lip in prime pouting position, and blow out all the air. He loves discovering what noises he can make with his mouth... just today he put his mouth on his arm and blew really hard - he thought the noise was hilarious! Boys!
In two weeks Jude will be EIGHT months old! He has decided that he does not like baby food whatsoever and wants to go straight to 'real' food. He begs for it... but he has no teeth yet so it may be a while. He is still nursing about nine times a day and completely refuses bottles/formula. Jude is just the snuggliest, most loving little baby ever. He always wants to be held and pouts if I put him down. He sleeps curled up right next to me. He is definately my little mama's boy.


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lisawitt said...

So sweet, can you believe our boys will be 8 months soon?

How are you feeling???