Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the boy department!

Noah is known as a barefoot hippy... if he has to wear shoes he will only wear Crocs. But with soccer starting next week we decided to buy him a real pair of shoes (ones he can't kick off every time he gets in the car or throw out of the shopping cart at Target). Of course every active boy needs a pair of tennis shoes that light up! However, he likes to throw them on the ground so they light up... rather than on his feet. With his new shoes we had to buy him socks. I must admit that I began my search for Noah's socks in the infant section at Wal-Mart (they still have 3T clothes there so they should have socks too!). But no. I had to wander around the store until I came across the BOY section... oh my word. Do you mean to tell me my baby is now a BOY? I about cried right there as I was surrounded by socks, underwear, and undershirts! When did he grow up all of a sudden and need boy sized socks??? Even his shoes are now in the BOY section... he has outgrown the infant shoe department by now being a size 8 shoe. Hmmmpph. But it is nights like tonight where he just cuddles up with me and wants me to hold him as he falls asleep that I am reminded he will always be my little baby.


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Nana said...

Oh, Noah you are growing up....In BIG boy shoes now.