Friday, July 4, 2008

picky picky...

The Occupational Therapist has been working with us to introduce and desensatize Noah with different food textures.... because his preferred diet is chicken nuggets, french fries, and suckers. He REFUSES to eat most things because he doesn't like the texture of it. So we continually offer him food hoping to help him get comfortable with different foods... today's 'therapy' didn't work so well. I offered him strawberry Jell-o (even spelled out his name in it! totally should get the mom of year award for that one!) but he was not so fond of it.

Signing 'ALL DONE'... he wanted no more of this yucky stuff!
Thought perhaps a fork... so he wouldn't have to touch it. But nope, that didn't work either. Hence, his facial expression of 'mom, there is no way i am putting this in my mouth.'

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