Friday, July 4, 2008

Daddy's #1 fans!

Daddy spent the last week in Panama City, Florida with 152 students for Beach Week! God moved so crazy in the lives of the students... He never ceases to amaze. But while Daddy was hanging out on the beach :) we were at home missing him sooooo much! Noah made special cards for Daddy to read every single day and we made these fun shirts to show him how much we love him! Last night was the big reunion we waited for all week! A very exhausted Daddy got home late last night... the boys got to stay up past their bedtime just to give him hugs and kisses. Mommy is very thankful to have him back home! It's just not the same without him!
Yes, I have a serious case of bedhead.

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Dan and Sarah said...

Love it! So cute.

Always better when Daddy is home...