Friday, June 13, 2008

FOUR months!

Happy 4 months to my sweet baby! And what fun... he rolled over from his BACK to his TUMMY! He has been rolling over tummy to back for two months now but has been experimenting with rolling over the other way... today he mastered it! He flipped over once and has been doing it nonstop since. Our little roly poly weighed in at 13.6 lbs (25%) and 25 1/4 inches (50%) long. Getting to be such a big boy!
And today was another first... Noah said BROTHER! I was talking to Noah about his little 'brother' and he repeated it... "brother, brother... brother!" That is a hard word considering we are still working on words like cat and dog!


ellegirl said...

Happy 4 months Jude!!! Smart baby to be rolling both ways already! So cute that Noah is saying brother! That is a hard word to pronounce!!

lisawitt said...

Happy 4 Months sweet Jude! I think he and Zach are on the same schedule! :) And how cool about Noah saying brother, so sweet!

The White Family said...

Cassie, I love seeing your boys grow up. You are such a great photographer!!! tyner