Monday, June 9, 2008

bride to be!

Last night marked a monumental day in my little sister's life when she accepted Lorne's proposal of marriage. Can't believe she is getting married... when did she grow up all of a sudden? I still remember her as a little five year old trying to chase after my older brother and I. Now she is going to be a wife. How life passes us by so quickly?
Mallory, I wish you all the best. I pray that God reveals Himself more and more to you through this journey into marriage. I pray that you love and respect your husband as Christ does the church. I pray that God blesses you greatly through your marriage with many children as you will be a fantastic mother one day. I know your joy will last a lifetime and I am excited to see how God moves in your life together through the years. Congrats on this new life together!

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Mallory said...

Thank you so much Cass! This is so beautiful! I'd like to send Lorne to look at it. This site is really a wonderfully laid out, elegant and peaceful blog. Thank you so much! I love you Cassie- so much.