Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Jude has affectionately been called our little 'lovebug' since he was due on Valentine's Day. Mrs. Hartsell found the sweetest book - You're My Little Lovebug!!! Thank you so much! And to show how Jude has taken to the name... look at him sleeping so sweet. He only will sleep all wrapped up and swaddled... ahhh!
"You're my ice cream sandwich. My watermelon gum. My soda pop. My lollipop. My yummy yummy yum! You're my lovey dovey. My stinker winker bear. My silly willy piccadilly. Alligator stare. You're everything that's wonderful. You're all of the above! But most of all, what you are is God's sweetest gift of love!" - exerpt from You're My Little Lovebug

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justin & angela said...

One of our FAVORITES around here! Makes a great gift too:) Your munchkins are adorable and they do grow soooo fast!