Thursday, April 17, 2008

2 months!

Celebrating that we have kept Jude alive for 2 months! Yay!

He had his 2 month check up at the doctor today and it was fabulous! He weighed in 11.6 lbs and 23 inches long (just compare, at 2 months Noah was 12.25lbs and 22 inches). He is at the 45th percentile for weight and 40th for height... moved down from the 50th percentile from 1 month. The doctor was very impressed with his weight gain since he is exclusively nursing. He also suggested me taking Cod Liver Oil to increase the DHA and ARA Jude gets. We discussed Noah's history with developmental delays and he highly suggested that we delay vaccinations for a couple years with Jude (which made me feel soooooo good having a pediatrician validate my own thoughts/research). He gave us lots of information about how to help Noah excel, as well as how to give Jude the best chance of developing timely - such as not drinking the tap water at all and going to a purfied water system, cod liver for noah and I, and eliminating dairy from the diet. We just LOVE our new pediatrician! Yay!!!

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