Monday, March 10, 2008

a winter wonderland... in Texas???

Since moving back to Texas from Illinois my heart has longed for snow. The kind where you spend thirty minutes getting bundled up so you can go build a snowman and lay in the snow creating a snowangel... sooo fun! Well my wish came true!!!

Here in the heart of Texas a couple inches of snow fell... just enough for Noah to go out and play! He was so excited as this is the first time he really saw snow on the ground. He blurted out the word 'SNOW' and continued saying it the rest of the day... just made my heart melt! He and Daddy 'played' out in the snow and had a wonderful time although it didn't last too long - the snow melted by the next morning and the Texas heat returned.


Anonymous said...

That snow was beautiful! I hope Noah enjoyed it! He probably won't see that again in a while! -:)

Anonymous said...
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