Saturday, March 22, 2008

the last days of Christ

An incredible way to tell the story of Easter is through Resurrection Eggs. Each egg contains a different object, as well as a verse, that correlates to the death and resurrection of Jesus. Every year the boys will get to experience the story of Christ's last days in a way that they can understand clearly. They can feel the nails, see the rock in front of the tomb, and touch the crown of thorns... it will be so neat when they are old enough to go through each object and tell the story themselves!

The tomb (and the egg) is empty!!! Christ has risen!


Katie & Noah said...

That's such a great idea, I've never seen those before. Looks like you all had fun this Easter weekend!

I know, it's so funny that both our Noah's have the same hair, actually looking through your Noah's photos, he makes a lot of the same faces as my Noah. They could be related ;)

Valerie Pearson said...

where did you find these? what a great idea!

Cassandra Raney said...

I believe they are sold at most Christian bookstores right before Easter. Lifeway was sold out by Good Friday but we were able to find them at Family Christian.

xavier2001 said...

Happy Easter!!

Love your pictures, keep 'em coming!!