Friday, March 14, 2008

first time for everything

Jude's first trip to the park ... and he slept right through it! He was worn out from an outing to the doctor this morning. At his 1 month check up today he weighed 9.12 pounds (7.7 lbs at birth) and meaured 21.25 inches. Definately get some cute chubby cheeks and
tummy rolls!

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lisawitt said...

cassie, you are so awesome at all the picture taking and blog updating...I most impressed!!

good to see jude is growing big and strong. I wonder how much Zachary weighs, I think I need to pull out the scale?

looks like you are getting the warmer texas weather finally too. we are headed to buy a jogging stroller tomorrow so I can start getting out and about more and enjoying the weather! Enjoy your great weather too!! :)